Environmentally Friendly, Sustainable Office Rentals

Las Cruces TowerUnder new management since August of 2012, the Las Cruces Tower is an iconic office building undergoing renovation with a focus on sustainability.  This, combined with smart property management practices, will provide businesses with a great home in downtown Las Cruces.

At Las Cruces Tower, we are dedicated to a sound environmental approach to business. We have completed a comprehensive energy audit, and are working diligently with our tenants to expand our green practices!

We are also undertaking significant upgrades to the building and replacing outdated equipment with more energy and water efficient alternatives. This includes:

  • Replacing the AC with a more efficient model
  • Initiating a recycling program for our tenants
  • Converting old fluorescent lights to more efficient bulbs
  • Installing occupancy sensors in key areas
  • Utilizing an environmentally-friendly line of janitorial products


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